How to win at roulette with the System of Orphans

Roulette is often considered a game of chance, where all you have to do is choose your lucky number, and hope that Lady Luck is on your side. For more experienced players, however, rely on luck is not the most suitable method to win, and prefer to use many different betting systems to increase their chances of success by reducing the so-called house edge.

No system for roulette you will never have the mathematical certainty of winning, but there are more effective systems and systems that are much less, but the most important thing is never to play without any method, because in that case the advantage of home will always feel.

One of the methods that you can use to win at roulette is the so-called system of Orphans. A method of play is very easy to use, and well away from the concept of progressive betting system, it is in fact only a strategy to cover just 22% of the table, with only 5 pieces.

To use this system for roulette tables, you simply bet on the horses of 6 of the 8 orphans, and the full number for the last 2 of the group. In practice you have to bet on the horses a piece 6-9, 17-20, and 31-34, while also pursuing a cover 1 piece, and a piece on the 14. By doing so you will have spent five pieces, and in the case proves to be one of the winning horses get a net gain of 13 pieces, while the winning number will be full gain of 31 pieces.

There is also another way to bet on the orphans, and is slightly more expensive but more profitable if they win, because it consists in placing one straight bet, which compared with a cost of 8 pieces, if they win will allow a net gain of 28 pieces. To place this bet with greater comfort, you just choose the French roulette tables, and you have to do is click on the button of “special episodes” and select one of Orphelins.

If you want to try the system of orphans in order to understand the effectiveness, you can take advantage of the free roulette online that you find the best casino AAMS. You can bet without any worries because you will never lose real money, and you can also try other systems and tricks to find the one that fits more to your style of play.

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