888 Casino presents the French and American Roulette

888 Casino has introduced two new games in its platform that flank the European roulette or French roulette and American.
Certainly good news for lovers of the game of roulette, then you can try out two new variants.

We recall that the French roulette is the most known in Europe, and is distinguished by the presence of 36 numbers, alternate red and white, which adds zero to green. Be noted that the French version can run both inside bets, which are those made ??on a single number or a line dividing more numbers, that the outside bets, which are performed on the boxes that are located around the numbers: red and black, odd and even columns, dozens, etc..

Instead, American Roulette, is the most successful in casinos in Las Vegas, and is distinguished by the presence of the double zero (00), in addition to 0. The American Roulette features a more modern look, and the ability to play special and specific, which you can find the full explanation at 888 Casino. The two new versions of roulette are available in the version that includes the download of software, the flash version that allows you to play directly from the browser.

The update was done recently, we invite you to visit the famous Casino and experience the thrill of player variant of the French and American roulette. The rules are typical of the 2types of roulette, obviously each variant has its own rules, for this reason, the casinoprovides the relevant regulation for each of them. We hope that the article was to your liking and please stay tuned for all the other news about the world of legalized gambling.

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