Baccarat : Rules and Strategy

The baccarat is a very simple game, there are no decisions or options that require time and skill for the player to the dealer.

The Rules

Players can sit on any chair, their position absolutely not affect the progress of the game, each spot corresponds to a number ranging from 1 to 15, three are the dealers for each table, the dealer main is located between positions 1 and 15 and is known caller. The game begins with the distribution of the cards from the deck door, each player has the obligation to deliver and keep the deck for a turn.

The player must place the bet will be the one who owns the deck, this procedure is not mandatory, in fact, there is the possibility of allowing the player next door to the deck of a bet, or commonly called when the caller receives the cards the dealer places the player in one of the boxes with the ability to recover from the cards that other players will be added to those already present in the boxes or declare the winner according to the rules.

Players can bet by placing their chips in the numbered box that they face, bets must be made on the player or the dealer, the minimum value required for the bet is $ 20 until reaching a maximum of $ 2 000. The other two caller come into play at this time paying bets and collecting money won by players defeated. If the dealer wins then the players who won must pay about 5% of their winnings, so if a player made a bet of $ 100 will pay about $ 5.

From paper to 9 ace, taking an increasing value, depending on the number that represents it, while for the 10 and the figures are zero. So unlike many other games, have king, queen or jack is equivalent to having zero cards in hand.


After having spoken of the rules of Baccarat is the time of the strategies, today we show you all the improvements strategies.

A reliable strategy does not exist, in fact, the players of this game strategies consider a real buffalo but wrapped implement one of these strategies may be advantageous. In Baccarat strategy is the root element, so the strategy is of little but still want to tell you about it.

How many times have you noticed the players take notes with a pencil on a graph? This, considering the previous played hands and those present to reflect and try to write also of future hands. In this game, as in many other previous hands are not affected by subsequent.

On some tables there many times different decks to maximize their victory is recommended to play with one stone that offers a higher payout percentage. Another recommendation is to never bet on a tie. Practice makes perfect, and that he said was right. Many online casinos allow you to play the long training sessions in order to facilitate the player to enter the world of baccarat.

Wrapped learn a new strategy could cost you time and money well spent but if you are able to quickly get the better of your opponents. Although in theory should always bet on the bench in practice no, so it is better to evaluate the situation before burning money by focusing on cases lost at the start. Remember wrapped trim is like to be defeated, ignore those who say that jogging is a good strategy if you have the certainty of losing until you raised the anchors in time.

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