How to play the bonus

The casino bonuses are of different types depending on the type of player that the casino wants to attract on their tables, but what really interested in all players, as the cash bonus received from the casino.
First of all, let’s say that not all casino bonuses require players to the same conditions in order to cash bonuses, in addition to any winnings made, the most common limitations are three:

– The “playthrough” or the minimum limit of money that the player must play before you can make a request to the casino to cash bonuses, from our analysis we have highlighted the best playthrough found in casinos.

– The games that the casino allows you to use while you are trying to reach the quota of “playthrough” for casino bonuses that we have chosen, because every casino has many games available that are often the same for casinos that use the same software, such as Roxy Palace and Casino Splendido Microgaming, but when you play the bonus casino games to select the play that are not always the same.

– A time limit, the classic example is that of casino bonuses for slot machines called “free spins” in which the player has 1 hour of time that will have to do as many laps as possible and try to win the much as possible. To then be able to withdraw the bonus with a time limit often requires the player to make a simple deposit. We made a selection of the best five for this type of casino bonus.

But if it is true that the casino bonuses that you can find very many, and often very attractive, it is not so easy to be able to collect the bonuses that are offered. As we have just seen the casino player require the achieving of certain conditions in order to cash bonuses, but players often pay attention only to the value offered by the casino bonuses, and the requirements for the casino, which sometimes prove too difficult to reach, and as a result the player is unable to collect the casino bonuses, but rather often also lose all the money they had deposited, or who had won at the gaming tables in an attempt to do so.

One piece of advice we give is to definitely take advantage of casino bonuses, but be careful because the winnings are sweaty, something different if you play without taking the bonuses, as soon as you have of winning you can immediately cash out. Take the case of revenue at Roxy Palace and paid € 1,000, play 10 minutes and increased to reach € 1,100, you can now choose to withdraw immediately all and take home a profit of € 100, then to say that you can earn even without the bonus.

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