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Gram Hilleard: Developers Up Yours

Gram Hilleard: Developers Up Yours

London’s postcard image has been one of palaces, Kings and Queens. Artist Gram Hilleard counter-blasts this ‘accepted’ reality with an exhibition of postcard provocations that seemingly better reflect the Capital’s actuality: the language of ever authoritarian developers, the wanton language of commerce and the epic loss of unique places with seeming disregard.

 “Under the reign of the peroxide clown’” Hilleard explains, “London has been redeveloped like never before. The poor are moved out, whilst councils drop their planning regulations, hipsters are encouraged to gentrify, before they’re replaced with overseas buyers. Eventually swathes of the city become uninhabited ghost areas with no citizens, no people. Why and for who?”.

GRAM HILLEARD’S montage interventions brilliantly capture the city’s growing Cri-de-Coeur: ‘Developers Up Yours’.  Hilleard who hails from the hinterland of London’s southeast suburbs, although not having a fine art training, creates art-works that reflect a city he loves yet whose soulless destruction he also passionately laments.  

Gram Hilleard will also be exhibiting a series of ‘outsider paintings’ (p.o.a), these highly crafted works capture the places on his peripheral vision: old cafes, signs, buildings and shops - the personal wallpaper of his life in London that means and meant so much to him.

Signed A3 edition prints are available £90 unframed, £120 framed.

Exhibition runs
April 24th - June 7th 2015
Monday to Friday 11am - 6pm