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About Dean Whatmuff

Artist Dean Whatmuff has lived in East London for 25 years; originally using a Blackberry Smartphone on his bus journeys to work, he began photographing how sunlight caught the tops of buildings. Over the last five years Whatmuff has sought to uniquely record this often un-regarded pictorial skyline.

Dean Whatmuff graduated from Newcastle with a B.A in Fine Art; followed by a Sculpture M.A at the Slade Art School (1986). Whatmuff, known for his ‘post-modern viewpoint, has previously been collected by Charles Saatchi & Stevie Wonder; has exhibited internationally and he has shown with Mario Flectercha Gallery London.

Whatmuff’s art is to collect observations: sampling differing social anthropologies, such as pop lyrics, and re-rendering them into new pictorial forms. ‘Never Saw That Coming’ sees Whatmuff explore the formal sculptural landscape of London’s built skyline. His ‘found sculptural images’ are part of an anthropomorphic process whereby the viewer sees a range of references, some of their own making. This process- the generation of ‘impossible sculptural forms’- is part of Whatmuff’s ongoing dialogue between reality and the possibilities of hyper-modern image making.

Interviews with Dean Whatmuff by arrangement.