@ Vic The Barber
175-185 Grays Inn Road
London WC1X 8UE

Ben Wilson


Known as Chewing Gum Man, Wilson tiny works of art are drawn directly onto London's pavements. Wilson has produced a staggering 13.000 gum art-works to date. 'Chewing Gum Art' is an exhibition drawn directly from Wilson's ongoing archive, it is a very rare insight into the range and epic endeavour of this unique London based artist.

Weird as Wilson's pursuit might seem. the results are both lovely and endearing: seemingly random spots of colour amid the grey, that on closer inspection turn out to be paintings of anything: portraits, cityscapes, landscapes, and often messages of love and commemoration. Wilson says he does not mind if his gum-drawings were washed away: "everything is transitory" he explains. Wilson paints on found gum most days and in all weathers using acrylic paint and fine brushes, while all about pedestrians crowd about to watch 'Chewing Gum Man' at work.

Offsite-Gallery is pleased to celebrate Ben Wilson’s ‘chewing gum art:’ an applied genre that is set outside of the studio context, whose democratic aesthetic brings joy to all who spy them. Wilson's art work is the true gallery of the people, the streets, & the city.

Exhibition runs
Nov 21st - Jan 24th 2015
Monday to Friday 11am - 6pm