@ Vic The Barber
175-185 Grays Inn Road
London WC1X 8UE

Sadie Hennessy & Julia Riddiough


'For the first time: a working London barber's shop is allowing Feminist artists to come in and completely takeover. What is the 'girls eye view' of this male world? What will the customers make of this intervention?'

Artists Sadie Hennessy & Julia Riddiough will be ‘taking-over’ a working barbershop in London’s Kings Cross. From Thursday October 2nd the feminist artists will take on the camaraderie of this male space where men come and make endless poses, ‘banter’ and get groomed away from the female gaze.

Hennessy & Riddiough’s ‘intervention’ is entitled ’Something For The Weekend, Sir?’, the series of artworks and video are part provocation, part hijack of this most exclusive of male spaces. ‘As female artists we want to inveigle our way into this male domain, to find out what is being talked about - come on you men, let us in!’

“I don’t know what I’ve let myself and my customers in for,” explains barber, Vic Johnson, “they told me ‘that men for centuries objectified the female image’ and now it was the ladies’ turn. I mean, how could I say no? It’ll be brilliant to see what these artists make of what I and thousands of barbers do everyday.”

‘Something For The Weekend, Sir?’ runs Thursday 2nd Oct-Friday 10th Oct and is also part of Art Licks Weekend see Original collages, limited edition prints and artist books will be on sale.

Exhibition runs
Thursday 2nd Oct - Friday 10th Oct 2014
Monday to Friday 11am-18.00pm